Appreciation Post

I haven’t always been the biggest fan of reading blogs but upon my quest to stay afloat I have discovered great content that I can read for hours. One of my favorite bloggers goes by the name of April Hathcock. She has blogs that touch on anything from the ALA Council to informative health subjects like Ghost Syndrome. She is highly educated beyond the surface on the subjects she writes about and her perspective always leaves me informed and ignited. She motivates her readers to go beyond the vial of acceptance and ask the hard questions that will lead to truth. April

In her article Everything But…Racism she talks about the micro aggression’s that are said daily in reference to white people insuring they aren’t racist. She has a tone that she writes in where you feel her sarcasm but then you can also follow her flow. Her placement of passive aggressive verbiage is so appropriate and I admire her ability to speak from a real place even when it isn’t dressed up nicely. She has the perfect balance of aggression and intellect she bounces back and forth from to deliver her point.

She travels often and uses her experiences to paint vivid pictures. She has a gift that forces you to admit to your truths. There’s another excerpt from her article where she is addressing how the most might make people feel but in the same notion she shuts the negativity down. April is a great blogger that I plan to learn and gain more knowledge in my craft from. She posses the freedom in her writing that I’ve yet to tap into. I highly recommend you check out her blog and be transformed.


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